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THE WILD ALLIANCE er Sørens første bog på engelsk. Den er både en syntese af bøgerne Englen i dig, Sidhe – Elverkraften og Vild Spiritualitet – og samtidig et nyt værk i sig selv med tilføjelser. David Spangler har skrevet forord og det er Lorian Press, der udgiver den i USA den 16. maj 2015, samme dag den udkommer i Danmark. Bogen sælges til danske købere her, og internationalt også direkte fra Lorian Association og Lorian Press: &

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“With the compelling idea of the earth as a sacred eco-system of interdependent lives in benevolent and creative partnership, Søren Hauge invites us to explore this great Mystery by journeying within. He skillfully and elegantly presents the notion that all aspects of creation live and flow inside us and that contacting the Angelic realm or connecting with the Sidhe begins by establishing joyful communion with these parts of our own self. This book is an important and uplifting contribution that helps awaken the human family to its true heritage. Through his lucid and inspiring words, Søren allows us to breathe the freedom and fullness of who we are by showing that in humanity the awesome splendor of the macrocosm is reflected and rooted in the microcosm of our individual and collective identity. His message is that we are each sacred fractals of the One Life.”


Michael Lindfield – President, Meditation Mount, Ojai California and author of ‘The Dance of Change: an eco-spiritual approach to Transformation’,


“Soren Hauge has written an interesting and powerful introduction into working both with angels and those mysterious beings the Sidhe. This book is concerned with exploring the deeper aspects of our own identity and encouraging us to explore the inner universe in companionship with other orders of being. To help us do that he gives us the image of acquiring the wings of an angel which we explore feather by feather and we are invited also to explore the four Hallows kept in trust by the Sidhe. The simplicity of presentation belies the considerable depth that can be found within. I particularly liked his referencing the forgotten figure of Geoffrey Hodson and the Sheepscombe Valley.”


Ian Rees – Psychotherapist, Trainer and Programme Director of the Annwn Foundation,


“Søren Hauge has been a close friend and a trusted dharma brother for several years, so I know the genuineness he brings into this work about the Sidhe. He is also a true spiritual pioneer and a friend of people and devas, and with this book he expands his love and wit to a lost tribe of humanity, so we all can find new relatives on the subtle levels. I recommend this book with all of my heart, because it creates a bridge of light from the unseen to the seen – a portal where healing and wholeness can enter our fragmented world, through a loving collaboration between Angels, Sidhe and Humanity.”


Kenneth Sørensen, MA Psychosynthesis,

Vild Spiritualitet